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Facial Skin Scanning

Many skin conditions that surface in time originate from the deeper skin layers and are difficult to diagnose with the human eye.

At Flawless Body we want to make sure, when making a diagnosis, we get it right. Our state of the art Facial Skin Scanner is invaluable when it comes to ensuring that we recommend the best treatment that is personalised to your skin.

By combining our skin care expertise with technology, we are able to not only scan but also show you on a screen any concerns that are identified – but more importantly, revisit in weeks and months to come to show the change. We have always been a results led clinic and nothing gives us more satisfaction than personalising treatment plans for clients and seeing the results.

What can it see that our naked eye cant?

Once the scan is complete you will see images of your face that were taken under different light conditions. This will enable to discuss with you the following:

Surface Texture

A magnified visualisation of the skins surface texture to observe the skin’s microrelief, pores, fine lines and wrinkles in high detail.

Skin Complexion

An unparalleled view beneath it’s surface to clearly distinguish redness caused by skin sensitivity, irritation and vascular conditions from actual pigmentation that are not visible to the eye.

Skin Health

By exposing the sun to a low harmless dose of UV rays, skin impairments and conditions such as loss of structural integrity and subsurface pigmentation clearly stand out from healthy skin tissue.

Skin Secretions

The activity of the sebaceous glands become clearly identifiable. The health and activity of these glands are important parameters in determining skin type and hydration level.

Natural Daylight

The face is illuminated evenly with a diffuse light coming from multiple directions. This is a soft even light, devoid of shadows and sharp lines. This representation offers a baseline in the overall clinical evaluation of the skin.

How to Book a Skin Scan

Firstly its worth pointing out that we don’t charge for this service. We love what we do and sometimes this leads to you making use of some our treatments and other times we may just offer some friendly homecare advice.

To book a consultation you can call us on 01780 660302 or simple send us a contact request by clicking here.

Meet the Team

Flawless Body | Neeta | Director

Neeta Matharu

Born and bred in Leeds, Neeta has lived in Stamford since 2006 with her husband and 2 boys. She has worked in the industry since graduating with a BA in Business Information Management from Leeds Metropolitan University. She had an interest in Beauty from a very early age and having completed her Beauty Therapy training and several years working for Mac and Estee Lauder took the brave step of setting up Flawless Faces in 2011.

She has worked tirelessly building the Flawless brand and the next natural step was to expand from Hair and Beauty to Aesthetics. Thus Flawless Body was incorporated in 2016.

Flawless Body | Anu | Dr

Dr Anu Wani - MBBS

Dr Anu Wani, MBBS is a full time Aesthetics Doctor has undertaken a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine equivalent postgraduate training in the prestigious and exclusive Harley Academy. She has previously worked in the NHS for five years but now works full time in Aesthethics. She is extremely passionate, providing excellent patient care with a diverse and rapidly expanding portfolio of extremely satisfied clients who share her aesthetic and artistic vision. Dr Wani works exclusively with Flawless Body in Stamford promoting our ethos of providing treatments at an expert level.

Flawless Body | Sam Styles | Aesthetician

Sam Styles-Hudson - Nurse

With over 12 years experience in the care sector, Sam started her career with the Royal Air Force and qualified initially as an Aeromedical Evacuation Flight Nurse. Upon leaving the RAF Sam went on to specialise in Critical Care for several years, gaining an excellent clinical skill set and knowledge base. She constantly strives to enhance her clinical practice with post graduate study. At Flawless Body, Sam administers our Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments. Her experience, manner and care sector background really helps put clients at ease with this potentially life changing treatment.

Flawless Body | Niomi | Aesthetician

Niomi - Aesthetician

Niomi was passionate about working in the Beauty sector from an early age. She qualified in 2010 and her vast experience and creativity has led her to work at prestigious events such as London Fashion Week.

Having spent the last 3 years building her own Beauty business she is a great addition to the team and brings an abundance of experience and energy. She loves what she does and finds the client experience post results extremely rewarding.

Flawless Body | Sheila | Aesthetician

Sheila - Aesthetician

Originally from London, Sheila has worked in the industry for over 10 years. Most of her training has been in prestigious Spas working with a number of prestigious brands and products.

High levels of client care and attention are of paramount importance to Sheila which has led her to work with a number of VIP clients in her time – not that she ever divulges who they were.

Flawless Body | Amber | Aesthetician

Amber - Front of House

Amber is central to the operation. She manages our reception and diary to a world class standard. You will see her multi tasking and ensuring everything is running smoothly. As a qualified therapist herself she understands the treatments and can advise on what is the best treatment for our clients.

Body Confidence

We want people to feel great about themselves and we think by helping people enhance the way they look and feel about their bodies goes some way to achieving this.

Bespoke Solutions for Bespoke Bodies

Every BODY is different, therefore we want customers to be confident that we have selected the best equipment, staff, and have the right advice to ensure that we provide a service that is bespoke for the individual.

All Things to All People

We aim to cater our services for men, women and transgender. We have private treatment rooms and expect no one to feel uncomfortable in anyway.

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