Going on Holidays this Summer? Pack Heliocare Color Gelcream

Going on Holidays this Summer? Pack Heliocare Color Gelcream

If you are off on holiday to a sunny destination this summer, then you will want to look your best. While we all know that applying sun lotion is important, it can sometimes leave you feeling that you look like a hot mess. The sticky layer not only leaves skin feeling greasy, but it doesn't give you the colour coverage you need to hide those imperfections. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution, and it is called Heliocare Color Gelcream. Let's take a closer look!

Why Your Skin Needs Protection from the Sun

Everyone knows that protecting the skin from UV rays prevents it from becoming damaged. Without protection, sun damage can cause a host of problems. Redness, sunburn, and peeling are just the first effects of sun exposure, and it can also cause skin cancer over time. But did you know that sun damage can also affect the youthful appearance of your skin? From developing dark areas of pigmentation to increasing fine lines and wrinkles, the sun has a lot to answer for when it comes to ageing skin. The best way to stay protected and keep a youthful appearance is to choose a high-quality and high-strength suncream.

Why Choose Heliocare Color Gelcream?

If you have been experiencing the frustration of wanting to protect your skin from sun damage, but also look great at the same time, we have the game-changer you need! Heliocare Color Gelcream offers the perfect package, giving your facial skin all the protection it needs, while also offering the coverage of a foundation.

Featuring an oil-free formula, Heliocare Color Gelcream gives a smooth, made-up finish when applied, without going clumpy or uneven like many liquid foundations do after a few hours of wear. With an SPF of 50, you can be confident that your skin is getting all the protection it needs, while the pigmented liquid gives you an even skin tone and covers up those blemishes.

The last thing you want on a sunny day is the heavy feeling of foundation. Heliocare Color Gelcream feels light to wear and doesn't make you look as though you are wearing heavy make-up. It's a win-win for your skin's protection and your appearance!

How to Use Heliocare Color Gelcream

Applying Heliocare Color Gelcream is easy. Simply apply as you would your usual sun lotion, making sure you cover your skin's surface right up to the hairline, while avoiding the eyes. Reapply every two hours if you are spending time in strong sunshine, as well as after sweating or swimming.

If you are planning to holiday in a sunny destination, skin protection is essential. In addition to your regular sun lotion that you use for your body, be sure to add Heliocare Color Gelcream so you can look flawless and feel confident while staying safe in the sun. Happy Travels!

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