How to get beautiful skin with Medik8 Skincare

How to get beautiful skin with Medik8 Skincare

One of the fastest growing brands in recent years, Medik8 Skincare has been creating quite a stir in the skincare world. Simply type the name into your search bar and you'll find hundreds of articles in which beauty editors and aficionados review the brand's products - and in some cases, hail them as 'game changers'. In fact, the brand's innovative night cream R-Retinoate Intense, which contains two different forms of retinol, sold out in 12 hours flat when it hit shelves in 2019. Medik8 hailed it as the 'most powerful anti-ageing product it had ever made'.

The British-based brand uses the slogan 'Beautiful Skin for Life'. In 2009, it created the CSA Philosophy, which is becoming increasingly commonplace in skincare regimes around the world. The CSA method advises that a vitamin C plus sunscreen is used by day, with vitamin A (or retinol) added into the mix by night. According to the brand's website: "If you look after your skin and follow our simple advice, we believe you can look 40 when you're 50."

So, let's look at some of Medik8's most popular products and how they can help you achieve the beautiful skin of your dreams using its CSA method.

Vitamin C

Medik8 Super C Ferulic is one of the brand's top sellers and has earned great reviews. It is the brand's most powerful vitamin C. It uses 30% ethylated ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as well as vitamin E to fight sun damage, reduce signs of ageing, boost collagen and brighten skin. Use it after your morning cleanse and before moisturiser. Another vitamin C option is C-Tetra Intense, which promises to restore radiance and reduce the visible signs of ageing. C-Tetra has been crafted in a water-free formula so it is 100% stable and does not degrade over time.


SPF of 30 or over should be a staple of the skincare routine. Medik8 caters to that with Physical Sunscreen, which has an SPF 50 to help protect the skin from the ageing effects of UVA and UVB rays. SPF 30 is also included in the Advanced Day Total Protect SPF30, a day cream offering sun protection, pollution shield, anti-infrared and anti-blue ray technology.

Vitamin A

R-Retinoate Intense is the one that has got all the beauty editors flustered. A Glamour magazine review even hailed it as a 'holy grail' product. R-Retinoate Intense is the first ever product to combine retinoate with retinaldehyde, which is proven to work faster than retinol. Ceramides and peptides also work to target the deep layers of skin and restore skin, promising to soften fine lines and wrinkles and reduce pigmentation in just four weeks. The Crystal Retinal range - available in four strengths - is another popular vitamin A option. It combines vitamin A with hyaluronic acid, glycerin and vitamin E to offer even, youthful-looking skin.

Medik8 also offers products specifically engineered to refine pores, control blemishes and reduce redness and pigmentation. Visit to find out more.

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