How to help facial blemishes and imperfections

How to help facial blemishes and imperfections


Whatever your skin type, blemishes and imperfections can strike at any time. When they do, it can knock your confidence but have no fear, SkinCeuticals are here to help.

What causes blemishes and imperfections?

Blemishes and imperfections can occur for a number of reasons. Stress, hormones, changes in the weather, and even some skincare and beauty products can all contribute to changes in our skin, causing it to produce excess sebum. While sebum is healthy for our skin, excess sebum can clog our pores, trapping bacteria and dead skin cells to cause pimples, blackheads, and cysts.

The best way to care for blemished skin is not to try and hide blemishes but to introduce effective cleansing and exfoliating products into your skincare routine. Happily, SkinCeuticals has a fantastic range of products to support your skin. Here are our top picks to help your skin glow:

1. Glycolic renewal cleanser

Every skincare routine should begin with a cleanser. SkinCeuticals glycolic renewal cleanser has been specifically formulated to clear and brighten skin. It is a dual-acid cleanser containing 8% glycolic acid to deeply exfoliate the skin, removing impurities and leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed.

2. Clarifying clay masque

When your skin is in need of deep exfoliation, this clarifying clay masque is calming and exfoliating. It mixes both kaolin and bentonite clays to eradicate excess oils from the skin, and remove dead skin cells, helping to address face imperfections. It also contains aloe vera and chamomile to soothe the skin. The clay masque should be used once a week to regularly remove impurities. Apply to a clean face and leave for 10-15 minutes to do its magic, before gently removing with warm water.

3. Phloretin CF gel

In order to prevent breakouts caused by environmental factors such as UV rays, you'll need to protect your skin. Phloretin CF gel is a revolutionary product which mixes powerful ingredients, including 2% phloretin and 10% pure vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid), to provide protection from environmental damage, neutralising free radicals. It is formulated according to the Duke Antioxidant patent to deliver a concentration of absorbable vitamin C to the skin. It is lightweight, suitable for all skin types and helps to even skin tone.

4. Retexturing activator

To provide your skin with even more protection, SkinCeuticals Retexturing activator is a clinically tested serum which strengthens the skin's natural barrier to promote healthier, glowing skin. It contains kombuchka (kombucha and black tea ferment) and hyaluronic acid to both exfoliate and hydrate the skin, increasing moisture levels to improve the skin's health and appearance.

5. Hydrating B5

The final step in a great skincare routine to help address face imperfections is to hydrate your skin. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 gel is enriched with vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid to make skin feel smooth and supple. It delivers maximum hydration without making skin feel heavy or clogging pores, so it's ideal for all skin types, including oily and blemish prone skin. Use 2-3 drops and apply to the face, neck and chest daily.

So don't worry about having to hide blemishes. Explore Flawless Body to view all of these products and the entire SkinCeuticals range.

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