SkinCeuticals Cleanser: why you can't live without it

SkinCeuticals Cleanser: why you can't live without it

Every good skincare routine starts with a great cleanser. But it can be hard to know which cleanser is best for your individual skin type and needs. So, if you're not sure what you should be looking for, we're here to help. There are a huge range of SkinCeuticals cleansers available, and all have their own unique properties to leave your skin looking and feeling radiant and healthy. In this post, we'll explore the range of cleansers in more detail to help you find the best one for your skin.

Why is a good cleanser so important?

The first step in any daily skincare routine should always be cleansing. This is vital to remove impurities, dirt, excess sebum, and sweat which can clog pores and cause blemishes, as well as preparing the skin to be moisturised. But it's important to choose the right type of cleanser for your skin type, oily prone skin should avoid very thick cleansers which might clog pores, while those with sensitive skin should steer away from cleansers which may irritate the skin. Normal soap won't cut it as, although this may work for the stronger skin on our hands, it can dry out the delicate skin on our face and neck.

Choosing the right cleanser

First up on our run-through of our favourite is the Glycolic Renewal Cleanser. It's formulated with powerful dual-acid components to help exfoliate skin, leaving it looking clearer, brighter and more rejuvenated. Thanks to its unique formulation, it's perfect for those with dull or discoloured skin that needs a boost.

Simply clean is a gel cleanser which mixes a hydroxy acid-blend and natural ingredients, including soothing chamomile, cleansing orange peel oil, and sugar cane extract. Simply Clean is simply brilliant at smoothing skin and removing oils, sweat, and makeup. It's ideal for normal skin, or oily and combination skin.

Perhaps the best all-round cleanser is the Gentle cleanser. It's great for dry and sensitive skin and contains gentle natural ingredients, including orange peel oil to calm and nourish. It is specifically developed to reduce the risk of intolerance and can be used every single day.

Last on our list is the Blemish and Age Cleanser gel. This cleanser is perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin and is formulated with powerful cleansing ingredients that clean, exfoliate, and brighten skin.

Getting the most from your cleanser

Whichever cleanser you choose, you can follow these simple steps to guarantee your skin stays healthy and glowing.

  1. Clean your face twice a day, once before you go to bed to remove all traces of makeup, and again when you wake up to get your skin ready for the day.
  2. Wet your face with tepid, not hot, water.
  3. Gently massage your selected cleanser into your skin using your fingertips. Don't scrub your skin or rub too hard as this irritates the skin's surface. Work in small circles across your T zone, neck, and upper chest.
  4. Rinse the cleanser off, again with tepid water, and gently pat dry your skin before applying moisturiser or makeup.

Please explore the Flawless Body website to have a look at our entire range of SkinCeuticals cleansers.

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