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We are now stocking Obagi products on our website

Fanfare please! We're delighted to announce that we have added Obagi, one of the most exciting new medical cosmeceutical brands, to our website. In this post, we'll share why we're proud to welcome them to our family, and give you the scoop on some of their best-selling products.

Who are Obagi?

Obagi are an award-winning skincare company, founded in 1988. Their founder, Dr Zein Obagi, wanted to focus not only on repairing damage to the skin, but on unlocking our skin's full potential. Their scientifically formulated products offer medical grade results, and are produced with specially selected and researched ingredients in their purest, most effective form.

Obagi were the first cosmeceutical company to test their products using the Fitzpatrick Skin Spectrum. This is a system of scientific classification which places all skin types on a scale according to how much pigment they contain and how they react to UV rays. Doing this guarantees that their products are made for every skin type.

Some of our favourite Obagi products

The Obagi range includes over 100 individual products, all designed and developed to address a specific skincare need. We've narrowed this down to bring you more detail on some of our top choices, which demonstrate the efficacy and ease of use of every single product.

  1. The 360 Exfoliating cleanser is the perfect first step in every skincare routine. It's suitable for normal, oily, dry, and combination skin, and helps to gently exfoliate pores for a smooth and shining complexion.
  1. The final stage of every daily skincare regimen should be the application of broad spectrum sunscreen. HydraFactor Broad Spectrum is a moisturiser and sunscreen in one, that not only protects the skin but deeply hydrates it too. This makes it ideal for dehydrated or damaged skin that needs a little TLC.
  1. Hydrate facial moisturiser contains an innovative mixture of naturally derived ingredients and advanced scientific formulations. Shea and mango butter, and avocado soothe the skin, while hydromanil, an advanced molecule, holds water next to the skin's surface to lock in moisture. Combined, these ingredients help to make the skin look and feel hydrated and healthy.
  1. Hydrate Luxe is a rich moisturiser that can be used overnight to deeply moisturise, nourish, and protect skin. It contains biomimetic peptides, which are synthetic versions of naturally occurring amino acids. They help to support the body's natural anti-ageing processes by building collagen to increase elasticity and keratin to keep skin healthy.
You can explore the entire Obagi collection here on the Flawless Body website and discover your own favourites. We've also got a special offer for new customers, so why not view the range and claim your exclusive discount?
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